Whether you’re buying, selling, developing or leasing property, the team at Griffiths Parry Lawyers can provide expert legal guidance tailored to your property needs.

We have legal expertise in all aspects of property acquisitions and sales and we can ensure you’re given the right advice to fully protect your assets and interests.

Property Law

Conveyancing (Commercial & Industrial)

Whether you’re buying or selling commercial or industrial property, it is imperative that this valuable asset is properly protected.

From small properties, to large building complexes with specific legal requirements, Griffiths Parry Lawyers have decades of experience in delivering favourable outcomes in the purchase and sale of commercial and industrial properties throughout Australia.

If you are a buyer, we’ll make sure that your risks are minimised through comprehensive legal due diligence.  If, on the other hand, you are a vendor, we’ve got the skills to get your deal across the line safely and efficiently.

From contract negotiations right through to settlement, Griffiths Parry Lawyers on the Sunshine Coast have got you covered for all of your commercial and industrial conveyancing needs.

Conveyancing (Houses, Land & Units)

If you are buying your first property, and are overwhelmed with the process, or if you are buying your tenth property, we have the team to assist with each and every type of enquiry.

With 40 nearly years of experience, we have seen it all when it comes to residential property conveyancing.  So you can rest assured that your transaction will proceed efficiently and safely from contract to settlement.

Our conveyancing team are there to assist you throughout the process and are only satisfied if you are happy and feel in control.

Development (Subdivision & Community Title Schemes)

Griffiths Parry Lawyers have specialised in property law for nearly 40 years so we are very well equipped to provide sound legal advice, whatever your needs.

From simple duplexes to mixed-use 100-lot high-rise developments, we’ve dealt with every imaginable legal scenario. That means you will receive the right advice whatever your situation.

To ensure that your subdivision or community title project runs efficiently and avoids costly and unnecessary delays or interruptions, seek legal advice from the experts at Griffiths Parry Lawyers on the Sunshine Coast.

Leasing (Commercial & Retail)

If you are a business owner and you lease your premises, your lease can be both a serious liability and an indispensable asset.

Griffiths Parry have leasing experts on hand to take the risk out of leasing and make sure that everything you need is included in the your lease (and nothing that you don’t).

Likewise, if you are a property owner leasing your property to tenants, the terms of your lease are critical.  Generally, the market value of commercial and retail property is derived from the terms of the lease.  Properly drafted leases secure your tenant, protect your rental income and maximise the value of your property.

Special laws apply to retails shop leases and they are complicated, contentious and frequently amended by legislators.  This means non-compliance can be costly.  If you’re a retail tenant (or a landlord with retail tenants) make sure to seek proper legal advice.

Motels, Hotels, Caravan Parks

Griffiths Parry Lawyers have extensive experience in the purchase and sale of freehold and leasehold hotels, motels and caravan/accommodation parks and villages.

Our legal experts have facilitated hundreds of successful transactions including legal due diligence, gaming and liquor licence transfers, lease assignments, local authority licenses and permits and catering and management contracts.

Retirement Villages

Have you been looking into moving into  a retirement village? Then you probably know that retirement village contracts can be confusing and overwhelming. At Griffiths Parry Lawyers, we take the stress and confusion out of the process by giving you clear and concise advice on your rights and obligations as a resident of a retirement village.