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Whether purchasing a new family home, or dealing with a negative scenario such as domestic violence, planning ahead through wills and estates or contracts such as prenuptial agreements, marriage separations or divorce, everybody needs a family lawyer they can trust at some point in their life.

The family law team at Griffiths Parry Lawyers on the Sunshine Coast are understanding and caring, yet willing to stand up and fight to protect you when you need it most.

Family Law

Separation & Divorce

There’s no doubt about it, separation is a difficult time.  Heightened emotions, competing priorities, the fear of change and an uncertain future often has the effect of clouding your judgement and inhibiting your ability to make good choices for you and your family. In short, the breakdown of a relationship can leave you feeling out of control.

It is therefore critical that you get timely and expert advice on options available to you.  Griffiths Parry Lawyers will make sure you have all the information you need to make the right decisions to help you achieve the best outcomes for you and your family.


After 12 months of separation, a person can apply for a divorce. We can prepare all necessary documents for this purpose and finalise your divorce quickly and cost effectively.

Would you like to talk to a divorce lawyer? For understanding advice and successful outcomes speak to Griffiths Parry Lawyers on the Sunshine Coast for legal matters in separation and divorce.

Wills & powers of attorney


Everyone needs a will.  Young or old, healthy or sick – death does not discriminate.  Therefore it is of critical importance that you have your affairs in order should the worst happen.

A considered and properly drafted Will should:

  • ensure that your property is dealt with in accordance with your wishes and in a way which best serves the interests of your intended beneficiaries;
  • formalise your wishes as to future care of your infant children;
  • take into account  a myriad of other relevant factors such as business succession, trusts,  superannuation and strategies for minimising potential for legal challenges to your will; and
  • make it easier and less stressful for your loved ones to administer your estate and carry on after you’re gone.

Dying without a Will means that your estate will be dealt with under the Succession Act.  This is costly, time consuming and may:

  • result in your estate being distributed in a manner which will not necessarily be consistent with your wishes; and
  • not take into account any of the above considerations.

If you have got a Will, you still need to have it regularly reviewed to ensure it is valid and to make sure it does what you want it to do and is upgraded regularly to take in to account changes in law and taxation.  Changes to the law and changes to your personal circumstances can have the effect of changes the way your will operates (or worse still, render it void or invalid).

Powers of Attorney

An Enduring Power of Attorney (EPOA) provides for your well being if you can’t handle your own affairs. An EPOA appoints another person to make important decisions on your behalf in the event that you are unable to do so.

Illness, like death, can strike at any time and at any age.  Events and conditions such as dementia, stroke, accidents and injuries can have a profound effect on your life and may mean that you can no longer manage your own affairs.  Without an EPOA in place, your loved ones may be forced to make an application to the Guardianship Tribunal before they are able to come to your aid and make important decisions on your behalf concerning financial matters and/or personal health matters.  This is costly and time consuming and may result in someone you do not know, or someone that you would not have wished to appoint, managing your affairs.

Even if you have an EPOA, you still need to have it regularly reviewed to ensure it is valid and reflects your current circumstances and wishes.

Spousal Maintenance

Following separation, one partner may need financial support from the other until property matters can be sorted out. We provide advice and representation in court (where necessary) to achieve this.

Our skilled family law team will listen to you, work out the best possible strategy to protect your rights and interests, and achieve an optimum outcome for you.

For advice on spousal maintenance, speak to Griffiths Parry Lawyers on the Sunshine Coast for strong, reliable advice.

Parent Arrangements & Relocations

Protecting the best interests of children is of utmost importance to the family law team at Griffiths Parry Lawyers.

Generally the best course of action is mediation however there are times when intervention by a court will be necessary.

For example in circumstances where a parent has relocated without the other parent’s consent or there is domestic violence or abuse, or the parents are in great conflict and unable to agree at mediation on what arrangements are best for the children.

Child Support

Parents may either enter into a private agreement for the financial support of their children that best suit their circumstances, or contact the child support agency to assess and/or collect payments for this purpose.

The family law team at Griffiths Parry Lawyers can provide sound advice in relation to all matters relating to (private) binding child support agreements and assist with any processes involving the child support agency.

Finance Arrangements (Pre-nuptials)

Pre-nuptial agreements are becoming increasingly common.  A pre-nuptial agreement formalises the division of pre-existing assets, at the beginning of a relationship/marriage, giving you certainty and control over what will happen in the unfortunate event that the relationship breaks down.

A pre-nuptial agreement set out the arrangements of who is to retain what assets in the event of separation, and may also include arrangements for day-to-day finances during the relationship. The agreements are binding and enforceable and require each person to obtain independent legal advice.

Domestic Violence

Domestic violence allegations are serious and sensitive matters. The team at Griffiths Parry Lawyers are not only experts in family law and domestic violence matters, but also treat you with respect, care and understanding in your difficult situation.

We act for all parties in domestic violence proceedings.  Proceedings may be necessary to ensure your protection, to grant sole occupancy of a previously shared property or to retrieve items of property taken from you.  Proceedings may also be necessary to defend domestic violence allegations against you.

Whatever your scenario, if you are involved in a situation regarding allegations of domestic violence, speak to the team at Griffiths Parry Lawyers on the Sunshine Coast for a confidential discussion.

Property Settlement

In the event of a relationship breakdown, Griffiths Parry Lawyers can assist you to achieve a fair division of assets.

In many cases, these matters can be agreed upon in correspondence or mediation, however should an agreement not be reached between the parties, the team at Griffiths Parry Lawyers can represent you through the court process to ensure that you receive a just outcome.

De Facto Relationship

This may include dealing with either property or children’s matters or financial agreements.

The rights of de facto partners and same-sex relationships are dealt with under the Family Law Act.  So if you have been in a relationship for more than 2 years, or if there is a child of the relationship, then you can seek the division of property and assets from the relationship.  Agreements must be finalised within 12 months from the end of the relationship.

The Family Law Act also allows de facto partners to enter into an Agreement that protects either or both persons assets from being part of any property settlement if they separate in the future (pre-nuptials).

Civil Partnerships

The Civil Partnership Act 2011 creates a new intimate relationship between two parties (including same-sex partnerships).

Once registered, civil partnerships can have significant consequences in a number of areas (ie) it can revoke a will, entitle a party to make a claim upon a deceased party’s estate and create an entitlement to property of the parties’ relationship (upon separation) that may not have previously existed.

For more information call our family law team.

Property Disputes

Following separation, your assets, liabilities and possibly your income will need to be divided between you and your former spouse/partner.

At Griffiths Parry Lawyers, our dedicated team of family lawyers can assist you explore the most cost-effective option of achieving an amicable settlement. However, when the situation requires it we will also take your case to court to get you the most favourable outcome.

Alternative Dispute Resolution

Whether you need help resolving children’s matters or dividing your property pool following separation, court can be an expensive and stressful experience.

At Griffiths Parry, we give you options to suit your needs. Rather than taking the matter to court we can organise a mediation. Rest assured we will be by your side every step of the way.

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